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vegeta kills Hulk vegeta kills Hulk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. (As if the title didn`t ruin it for you enough lol)

Bravo sir, you managed to get a sweet, long laughter out of me. I am not being nuts, this is a true masterpiece, if you were heading for comedy or a parody.

Although the poor execution, this animation has the potential to winning an oscar, a Nobel piece prize offering for what you did, or at least a good damn praise how you`ve actually done better than the lame comedy movies and series people try to think up of so hard. Hollywood, i present you with the perfect portfolio for your future development. You suck.

Perhaps its the lame animation that brought up so much comedy into this. I must say i were very pleased to taking my time to watch this, and I am looking forward to your daily first.

I am not sarcastic, ironic or insane. I am serious about this. This has made me laugh SO HARD. The awful lip sync when Vegeta says Final Flash, and the horrible voice acting, and the way you made Vegeta fight Hulk.... Damn. I literally fell of my chair. My head still hurts ow. XD 10/10!

Beyond Heroics ep: Prolog Beyond Heroics ep: Prolog

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. Read at your own risk.

It has been a real while since i`ve reviewed anything at all. Making animations to provide the internet`s devoted spectators with something innovative and refreshing can be very distracting, (and exhausting). One day i just may be able to review the medal game collection. Don`t Worry NewGrounds, i`m keeping track of you. But enough about that.

You sir, have once again created a stupendous and marvelous piece of achievement. Compared to 2012`s generation level, the animation skill is mediocre, and that`s why i love it. In fact, its mediocrity that should take the lead in this world, am i wrong?... The fights are fluidly executed along with a breath-taking coreography. A unique style which will get you wondering what will happen, being forced not to even BLINK to not miss whats going on. So i give a 7/10. The fact that you mentioned its rushed up... I can`t see that. But i CAN see you still have a habit of using Lame fonts. Fix the font thing, use text-boxes or something, actionscripting (except if you want cinematics WITH text at the same time). But yea, a seven outta ten is a decent score i hope. The Characters` are executed as well as the background. The effect coreography is really astounding and i am only SPEECHLESS about how much of a dramatic sequence you added up to this fight. I literally punched the air when I saw Sasuke fall onto the ground. You have DEVASTATINGLY improved. Kudos to you, and your hard work. :D

The storyline execution. So far i`m loving it. I`m ENTIRELY loving the fact that you managed to include originally constructed characters, moreso that they are resembling old anime franchises. AND that you`ve so far managed to balance and sort the characters out in an entire crossover series is making this even more essential for all of us. I`ll give you pure 10/10 for this.

One last thing. I`ll give you extra credit that you are heavily using Dragon Ball Z soundeffects but i didn`t get a feel NOR a slight pinch that this is Dragon Ball Z influenced in ANY way. Kudos for that bro, and i`m willing to see more from you.

Keep up the great work, and may this be a perfect example and inspirational piece of achievement for all the newcomer and fresh sprite animators out there, working hard to do the same thing you did. Entertain me.

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narutosMASTA responds:

lolz, I slammed a kamehameha wave in there and it still didn't come off as DBZish? awesome. Did something right. yeah i thought i might get a complaint about tht one "oh why does he have a kamehameha" cuz its in my storyline. Eat it. Ill work on those txt box things i have been getting a little rough when it came to that. So ill work on tht specifically. I do have one idea in mind... Thank you sir for the thorough review.

HappyBirthday Yotam Perel HappyBirthday Yotam Perel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler.

Well, its been a while since i`ve reviewed but this content had intrigued my attention especially.

First off, id like to start off by the fact that its nice to take your time to create a small tribute for the ones you respect and truly cherish for what they did for us. However this had been the strangest coincidence, i swear. Hence why it got me off guard. I too am an animator, and whats more im also born on that very day, the 13th of June. Lmfao. So i thought: Hey someone made me a tri- oh nvm.

But either way, i love it, simple yet its spreading a lovely message. Except i noticed a small thing. When the dude, which was meant to be you, looks like its pointing his middle finger instead of a thumb up. You should fix that so others don`t think you are trolling or messing around. (Or was that the purpose lol).

Basically that`s it from me. I hope many other spectators enjoy this little project as much as i did.

Yoki's Story 5 Yoki's Story 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler to many fans/reviewers.

At long last... Alexander. I`ve been looking forward to this animation for a very long time, and i thank you for providing me, as well as every one of us Spectators the right to watch and review as well this.

So far, seems noone gave you the proper critic, the critic you desire for this magnificent piece of work. Not until now. Let`s begin then.

At first, i had been getting the assumption i`d get a seizure, for a moment or two. Until i saw what you did, then i was left out speechless, with my jaw dropped. Where to begin with... Even though it`s a tribute to Naruto, like SMBZ, this has done a great job hiding the ideal of it, whilst some copy its story with other characters. It has its own, independent style of expressing the ideals, the story, the meaning. The 3D Perspectives and rotations were flawlessly persecuted, except for 1 little thing, they were too choppy. All of this has had it`s dark, ominous feel. The kind of feeling i had DREAMED to awaken in an animation, you had succeeded at, my friend. I commend you for it. The mysterious sceneries, the dark enviroment, I love it. All of it. This had been one of the best series so far, that gave me REAL goose bumps.

However, to it`s downfall there are a few cons to it:

- Firstly, you NEVER fixed the Grammar and Spelling Mistakes i pointed out in every episode. I hope you do that in the future. When you write out the script, have someone check up for Grammar/Spelling mistakes. It isn`t a small thing, it can cost you dearly. It can change the base of its meaning ENTIRELY.

- Second, there hasn`t been a SINGLE soundeffect in this. I think you were either rushed up for this, or just lazy to do that. But, since there was poorly action, i can excuse up it but only this time. However there couldve been a bit to it... But i`ll cut some slack. This time.

- Third, as i had pointed out, this animation`s 3D illusions, animations had been terribly choppy, and the graphics were too blurry and had been noised. Too... much. Although i still like it the way it is.

- Fourth, please add Textboxes in the future. It just seems too lazy that way, instead adding smoothly and tidied up the environment with it, you just messed it up big time..... But i digress.

Nonetheless of these flaws, i still think this must have achieved more than 5th place, or just being a runner-up (in assumption), Id say, a Frontpage, a First-Third Weekly and a Review Crew Pick. This deserves all the praise and stars it can get. I will fully give out a 5/5 and 5 stars because of what i saw. A rather magnificent display of your meanings. Your thoughts visualized, in a perfect way.

And i recommend this to everyone. Every... single... person.. on this planet. Keep up the great work, i`ll keep an eye out on you.

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Player-exe responds:

Thank you so much for the review, I am happy to know that you liked it.

The problems you pointed are now my priority, I have to admit that I have been a bit lazy with the animation and the text and I should have better organized my time, but I should not consider it as a failure but just as an error and learn of it.

For the grammar, I speak english only as a second language so it's harder for me to avoid doing mistakes. I cannot fix the mistakes I made in the previous episodes because I don't have anymore the fonts I had for them (All I know is that it's called Zelda advanced, but I don't remember where I got it).

For the blurry 3D animation, it's mostly a technical problem, the 10 mb limit is not a lot for high quality animation so I have to compress it but the result is never as good as it should be, I think I could have a solution for that, but it's still a theory.

For the textbox, I won't change it in the next episode, but the episode will be entirely voice acted and I think that people will prefer it like that.

I already started to work on the next episode, so I will try to pay attention for those things. If you want you could do beta testing for it.

Shadic Vs. Nazo Shadic Vs. Nazo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review might be a spoiler to other reviewers/fans.

A brilliant presentation, sir. It`s clear that you`ve been both inspired by Shadefalcon, and ChakraX (for using the 16 bit sprites, soundeffects, effects and of course plot).

Even though its old, its still refreshable to see, at least for something that included Nazo in. And since i myself am an animator, i can fully criticize this.

Animation - 7/10; Originally 5/10;

The originally is for what i would rate it if you made it NOW, but since its old i might as well cut some slack. I loved the 3D illusions, and the coreography itself, including that conciousness scenery when they discuss if they should fuse or not. Entirely, it was both smooth and wild with action. I have no words there, keep it up.

Music - 3/10; Originally 1/10;

Just when i thought i`d get goose bumps from the first dramatical scene, you just had to ruin it and add some cheesy music that little to no fitted the scenery. Though the beginning was amazing, astounding. I was speechless at first.

Effect Usage - 5/10; Originally 2/10;

At first, the usage of effects was so-so, including the auras, and motion speed blurs, not to mention that zoom line you widely skewed... But at times you used effects as horrible as giving someone a seizure, and also... Its clear that youve done this the way Shadefalcon does. He filter-raped effects to the max.... Although he did keep it at a good point sometimes.. You really need to work on the effects.

Font, and Appearance - 2/10; Originally 1/10;

The font... Its simply horrid, horrible in every way, and you`ve tweened it all wrong everywhere...
And Nazo`s forms (I really don`t get why he transforms from one to another; nor how), but its clear that has been inspired by Shadefalcon as well, but some of the forms from Nazo were just as horrible. Also, how come Sonic too goes Specter? I bet that Fire form in SMBZ was the inspiration for that too..

Total: 17/40, or almost 5/10. 4.5/10 actually or something like that... But yes, this was averagely well executed and visualized.

But some people don`t really take up criticising with numerical usage, but even though i`ve been a bit harsh, i must admit this was marvelous all the way through. I highly recommend that every fan out there should watch this. Because, you sir, had inspired me to remake an old known series.

And i also love how you did the actionscripting animation on the quality buttons too, just to add up to it. Keep up the good work sir, this fully deserves a 5/5 stars and a 5/5 rate nonetheless anyway. You got my Favorite Button, i`ll keep an eye on you.

BUT MOSTLY, FIX THE FONT AND THE SPRITES. I hate 16 bit sprites, they are so... ugly.
I hope this has helped you.


STH: Two worlds collide STH: Two worlds collide

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It`s been a very long time since i`ve reviewed here, on the Portal. And i`m not talking about these 2 days we all waited for the Update. So, i would like to take up that opportunity to both review this, and explain a few things to everyone.

Firstly... I know, it is sort of weird having to review on my very own work. I will leave the criticism about the visual outcast to everyone else.

Second, I would like to thank everyone who reviewed and took their time to express their thoughts and opinions out loud. I fully appreciate everyone`s feedback, support and criticism by far. I have noticed that there are many people that had been looking forward to this, so i can see that me and SXR123 both have done a successful job.

This is nothing more than just a small, simple 'thank you' type of note for everyone`s supportive commentaries. It does take will and time for someone to express, and that`s also admirable. Patience is a virtue, everyone. I know you can do it, the movie will be worth the wait, and very promising as well...

And as for the questions, i know this Trailer maybe doesn`t express Story-wise anything, or maybe anything TOO thrilling at all. But at least this trailer did what every one is supposed to: Give out goose bumps. ^^

The movie will supposedly clear up everything.

GameMaster 2: Mario GameMaster 2: Mario

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well Mario needed Tacoman`s help

But I don`t get it, if they are together in solving the mystery why isnt Peach kidnapped, why were they racing who will first get there?

Super Interview Super Interview

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow, we can actually see Batman being comic, not like in the good old days... the good old days... the good old days... the good old days... the good old days... the good old days... (Stroked)

Dragon Ball LULZ Collab Dragon Ball LULZ Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This deserves 1 place but whatever

This actually (In the second scene in 'Scenes) explains just how gay DBZ is, and you got RESPECT FROM ME for that.
Another thing I really liked was the scene where Frieza asks for the balls (Another Gay scene, just to show the true content of DBZ).
And I especially liked the third scene, Vegeta`s finishing accent was all the same in the 'GOOOOOOSH' and 'BIIIIIIIITCH' parts (When he first gets Kamehameha owned, and second with the spirit bomb).
I only didn`t like Cell`s part, he was the funniest but you had drawn Gohan too miserable, it almost made me think of sad moments and cry dude. How come in Vegeta getting owned scene Gohan was perfectly drawn and here he`s drawn like some ogre troll nerd thing? Other than that everything is perfectamente!
And I give you 10/10 and 5/5 dude! :D

The REAL Eggman The REAL Eggman

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahaha that was NICEEEE!!!!

Dude, this was friggin awesome, no lie, it reminds me of my math teacher, he`s so fat, he could fit only in the whole Asia (in the whole continent only of course), he`s teh godduz of burgerz and he has an ass of a size of a god!
No offense, 5/5 and 10/10