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This is a great game! I love the Axiom Verge reference. :)

gamesbynoe responds:

Thank you Exorz ) In plans i'm gonna release full version of axiom-like game.

Zombidle Zombidle

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This game is pretty awesome! Had me entertained for weeks on end! But I have a question regarding the latest update: where can we see a forge chart of what items we can combine to get some neat combo items?

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Alone: Meditate Existence Alone: Meditate Existence

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Warning: This review may result as a spoiler to you.

Dear PoshRaven,

After I played your game, my entire opinion on it is that, idea wise, this is by far one of the best works i have ever encountered during my lifetime. To me, this game has a personally abstract viewpoint on life itself. Sure, it may not make sense to a lot of people but that is the essence and beauty of art, the mysterious truth behind the dilemma, behind the twisted ordeals that the creator will yet to include.

Personally, I interpreted this idea as a majorly interesting due to the fact that, as life itself, this game is confusing, but not confusing as in, plain childishly random, but confusing as in unraveled. The way this character jumps up and down, and fails every few tries or so, makes me think of how life itself works the same way, we all try and fail but still we try to achieve what we want.

That was all just idea wise. In total, i give it 3/5 just for that. The idea is magnificently put down. Alas, it is a shame i cannot rate it 5/5. since the idea is perfect in my eyes.

However, as many people mentioned below, your game programming really needed to be sorted out. The least you should have done is put up a warning for the noisy and flashy work you included later on in this game. The controls are very difficult to manipulate with. Some of the things even seem as weirdly expressed due to the lack of detail in the coding.

If you can manage to sort that out then you have a perfect eerie game, one where the message depends on our minds to decipher.

Take care and please do not take this as an offense to your work. In all due respect, I have never seen something more creative, but coding wise this is a big no from me.

Good luck on your future projects.


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Warning: This review may be a spoiler towards others.

A marvelous, an indeed splendid presentation from you, sir Alan. At first, when i saw that it`s beggining to start out as a love story, how a guy was left dumped.. Was what i at first figured. Usually, love stories like this one immeasurably sickening, and immensely disgusting to human society... (Personal misfortunes), but this had been an astounding exception apart from the rest of what the world provides us with. Corny, creepy and awkward stories... But let`s not get into that.

First, i would love to criticize the detail you`ve shown, GRAPHICAL wise, and of course, the visualized half of this mind-challenging application. The animation was splendid, the sprites were simply designed, the shading and color palette combination was done perfectly. I also love how you made the fireflies swirl around (At least i think those were fireflies). Although i don`t really have too much to say personally about the animation and graphics, i will lead you on with a simple and sincere thanks. A thanks for providing everyone with such pleasureful animation. Most however, would consider this a lazily done project if we are to talk in these terms.... Well who gives a damn anyway?

And now, my favorite part of it. The internal part of this heart and mind excruciating gadget. The plot itself, which holds many answers to questions out there, in a twisted manner of expressions. Rare will be the people who can truly understand the deepest message from this, as did i, but i would not wish to spoil everyone else TOO much, so i`ll leave that aside. I will simply say that one of those deeper thoughts, is explaining that one wise phrase: 'If you truly love something, set it free.' in a rather more realistic manner. Under any, ANY at all, circumstances. This is also kind of obvious, that its been partially based, OR simply inspired by one of the greatest work in the history of literature: 'Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Mihailovich Dostoevsky', by which we explain the reason for this crime. But what exactly is the Punishment, would others ask if it came across that matter... The punishment... Could it be just the illegal crime, or something beneath it? Something beneath than rotting in such institution that shows no mercy nor day light...

The act of Suicide, answers that part. The punishment, is that (If you chose to go right, you will understand this) the murderer itself, will not stand to face to go to prison for it, but selfishly suicide himself and create a shortcut path to death, which he had been blindly guided by his ego. His ego... and pride...

Yes, an exactly twisted and complicated all the same, storyline expressed in simplistic, graphic presentation... Oh the irony...

But yes, i also specially commend you for adding special features such as Medals, and a further confusion to the mind as well as having the difficulty to solve its mystery as a final blow, which would actually be choosing an ending on your own.

And like i stated above, not anyone would understand this storyline, which is why you shouldn`t give a damn, at all, people are getting simpler and simpler by the day, i`m afraid.

I`ll be looking forward to your future work, A personal Favorite Button it is.

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AlanZucconi responds:

Thank you Shadowwalker15 for your detailed review.
I really appreciate the effort that you put in it, especially because you touched a lot of interesting points.

In several games you use to kill hundreds (or thousands!) of people just in few clicks. There is a trivialisation of the Death that I don't like. With RAPTUS, I tried to give to death the old-fashion respect that it deserves. There is only one death (or two...) in the entire game, but the player is forced to commit the murder and to reflect about his/her actions. RAPTUS does not really show any visually violent scene, but is meant to be extremely disturbing, on a psychological level. Exactly how I think death should be.

I agree with what you said, about the fact that very few people people can truly understand the message behind RAPTUS. I knew this from the very beginning. FlashGameLicense for example, refused the Game because "it is based on a murder". For the same reason, Kongregate refuse to sponsor it. Newsgrounds is a place where there is much more space for art, especially for the "unconventional" one. And I am really pleased to read all these positive feedbacks from people that really see the purpose of RAPTUS. People that are looking for some meaning in what they are playing, and not for a casual game just to survive five more minutes in the office.

For the fireflies (yes, they are fireflies indeed!) I used two tricks. Firstly, every firefly is "attached" to an invisible anchor that I can move where I want it. Secondly, a firefly "orbits" around its anchor changing its X and Y positions according to two sinusoid waves with fixed maximum height (= the maximum distance from the anchor) and random period (= how fast it moves). If you feed X and Y with the same sinusoid wave, you obtain a perfectly round circle. With different combination you can have realistic and easy "orbits".

Anaksha Mini Adventures 2 Anaksha Mini Adventures 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler towards other reviewers.

....Astounding... Just, pure... astounding. I know that there are many people that had experienced the same thing i did, joy. However, most people expressed themselves too little for its immense immeasurable achieving it has by far. This, my friend deserves all the words it can get, all the complimentary thoughts by others. I am so impressed that i am left speechless. This game hasn`t got not one flaw. This is... just... Perfection.

Starting off with what i especially found amusing:

- The graphics and environmental surroundings, covered in mere pixels, a simplistic display of such a complex little story, which i hope isn`t taken from real experience or anything like it.
It reminds me of the graphics in Pokemon, how the trainers go around and talk to others, trading things etc. etc. etc.

- The content itself at first reminded me of the Rockstar Collection: Grand Theft Auto. I were close to it, but i`m sure there is something similar to such a game that provided you with such inspiration. The tradings and combining options of this game is what adds even more charm to it. Having to even take your time to add medals to attract us, the audience even more has been a very kind gesture and a brilliant feature to this game as well.

- And the soundtracks very well fit with the content too, and i loved the shocking parts where its murdering we are talking about as well. I also liked the character development and how the simple trade-off actions affect their personalities that quickly. Although, i must admit i took up a bit of walkthrough advices to finish the game. I were lost at parts, and that really can happen to anyone.
But i`m sure this story was more than ordinarily complex...

- But mostly, i loved the thrilling moments like the one with the ending. I would`ve never guessed Trent himself does that drug... If he knows how poisonous it is, why would he even do it...?...

And i mostly like how you took up a small part as yourself in the game too. ^^

Except, i have a question:
1. Are there really 850 combinations of the game?... Or was it just a simple joke?

Well, either way, i`ve been at the utmost comfortable and satisfied to have ever played such a wonderfully created game, Mr. Arif. This deserves all the praise it can get, as i stated above. A very well designed game indeed. Keep up the great work, and i`ll be keeping an eye out for you. A fully deserved Favorite from myself.


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ArifRocks responds:

Thank you for your wonderful and positive review. Yes, the 850 combinations are very real. Check the Anaksha forum to find out about all the alternate quests you may have missed in the game.

Pokemon TD 2: Kanto Pokemon TD 2: Kanto

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be offensive and spoiling.

Where to start off.... Hmm.. In comparison to the first Pokemon Tower Defense game, the very original, it has its benefits and drawbacks.

First off, the Graphics. In comparison to the first version, this one was far better. The way you animated each Pokemon was brilliant individually how they even move in the actual series. Amazing indeed.

I don`t have anything to say too much about that, and that partially the music had been thrilling, but seriously. After that classic Pokemon Battle Song (That was a great refreshment too), you just had to ruin it with that overused AMV Target Soundtrack... God... My ears were literally bleeding, hence why i cut off half a star. You really need to fix that.

And overall, the game context and animation in it were amusing, even more than amusing... Although i really hope this is not being stolen and a fan sequel. I know many could misjudge you for it, but IF you really have stolen this you should retreat... While you can.. But either way, Its great overall and you`ve done a great job. I`ll be looking forward to your future work sir. Astounding job.


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aqua97 responds:

thanks for feedback :P . I didn't really got this "AMV Target Soundtrack" :D , which one is it? I am not of the guys who watch AMV (anime music videos, right? if not my little sister - I even didn't knew what you mean :D lol, im 24 years old busy freelancer specializing in video streaming FMS/red5 etc. and casual games maker. I'm not watching a lot of youtube or anything... did't even remembered the pokemon names, though played it 8-9 years ago), so if you refer to the rock music - I just found a track I liked on youtube :) , all of these tracks i used are from youtube (i did a search "pokemon all songs" and got that :P ) ...

btw. I can easily make more versions of this game, with different musiÑ :)))

Micro Drive Micro Drive

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This review may be a spoiler to others.

Astounding game, sir. Simply astounding. I can barely express myself in words for its magnificence.
Its pixelated and perhaps many would judge it as simplistic, but i personally enjoyed it. The game play is smooth and the ideas are well made, a tribute to old game classics and a wonderful reminding of our childhood. Personally i enjoyed this game a lot, at the utmost comfort, finding this wonderful piece of work.

Its obvious you had put a lot of work into this, and this is a personal marvelous gesture of your side, sacrificing time to provide everyone with this. It reminds me of that poptart Nyan Cat, but unlike that pathetic meme, this game has been recreated in another style, a pretty much enjoyable one.

However, like the old classics, this game has serious limitations, such as choosing options for difficulty or music/sound, or video options, or even the controllers at all. Another thing i would suggest in the next (if there will be) update, is that you add medals so you can attract people into playing it.

But even to all these flaws, i give it a 5/5. And i am not afraid to say it. I will personally strangle the people who will rate this a negative score. This needs a place for Frontpage, so we all once again be refreshed from the old days.

Keep up the great work. Shadowwalker15.

The Elemonator The Elemonator

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler to others.

A splendid sensational game, sir. You are on the right way to becoming an ace programmer, providing people with various taste, age and psychological reasoning abilities, the proper genre of games.

I must admit that even though its an old type of game including Physics and testing a human`s abilities, his keen eyesight, it is really well executed and very good for a classic. The ideas were creative all the same and magnificent. I would`ve never expected of a Lime Sea with Lemon Piranhas, that was really swell and greatly thought of.

Speaking of the same thing, i love that this game shows astounding simplicity of every day life for an individual, that is simply looking for a job and gets one, providing others with entertainment and himself as well.

I also find the last idea of him being demoted to a pizza man was sort of funny as well..

And you may notice why i gave it 4.5/5.0 stars. That is simple. While it got so good, there we have that small spot, that lack of creativity. Later on Crocodiles attack the people, ACTUAL crocodiles. There are no Lemon/Lime - Crocodile abominations, but just Crocodiles. Though, the idea of them having to live in lemon juice sea, is alright so i still give it props.

Don`t get me the wrong way, these are difficult times and if we want to get anywhere, we have to push ourselves to the very edges, the very limits and break them too.

But again, do not get me wrong, i`m just willing to point out mistakes for the better good. I highly recommend this game to everyone even though the game has its own flaws. Then again, which game DOESN`T?

I especially loved the intriguing multichallenges, the time-limit and the lemon limit. The type that will get you stressed and full of adrenaline.

Well done sir, i`ll be looking forward to your future work.

willcheng responds:

Thank you for a well balanced review! Will be taking all these comments and thoughts onboard as you have raised some very good ideas that hadn't crossed my mind! Glad you enjoyed it though!

.Loneliness. .Loneliness.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler to others.

Such a tremendously emotion-filled presentation. It had been mixed from sadness to comedy perfectly well to the most exact point, the exact border of it.... This, sir, had been one of the rarest flashes here ever to gave me an ominous shiver.... I almost shed tears. How ironic that depression can be contagious...

Where do i begin with.... Ah yes. The funeral. A tradition developed by human, to be passed on to other human beings... A symbol of the time distortion itself. Things change, they always did, they always will, and that will always be an invincible rule. If i were to guess, even you as the creator had been given goose bumps by this very ideal.

And this man... Walter.. Had lost his fiance.. Or wife... At first, i thought its going to be completely tragic, completely heart-freezing. But there were some moments to ruin that, or just soften up the emotion, am i wrong?

First, all those 'sighs' got a little bit TOO repetitive. There could`ve been put more emotion into it, like screaming or yelling, filled with tears... and all that. You surely know what i mean. Then, there`s the old man. At first when i thought at the park that he`d show a flashback of his first meeting, out of curiousity i pressed the button and having to go to the old man. Then, when the old man wants to predict his future, and suddenly dies; It`s either one of those classic 'twist-ups' to keep arousing our own curiousity... Or was it that his suicidal act had been transmitted onto him...? Only they can know. Emotions....

But simply, all of this had been a cause out of labile emotional soul. I can tell by his acts that he had his life very easy to begin with. Always had been given lots, and lots of attention, always being a social person to the max. But, he had been exaggerating and his emotional development had been 'spoiled' to an extent of having to crave attention all his life. This is small proof..

And there`s also the small scenery of they being in Eternal Light, Heaven... Having to get others believe in a greater future beyond living on this planet.. Very beautiful, at the end i would`ve expected such a thing, it was also very well mixed up with the actual soundtrack`s content, which i believe it had been part of the inspiration, but it kind of rushed up. He could actually at first do things like drinking, smoking to make him feel better... Or not. He could be sitting in his home, mentally self-torturing.. And then trying the suicidal act.

I also think there could`ve been a better visual expression or a bigger backstory of this... But there are times when we have to do the better thing, and simply keep it short and swe... i mean... sour.

Nonetheless, this had been one of the rarest works ever to give me such emotion, reminding all of us of our deepest, greatest fear... Death.

And i`ve been truly stunned as well. I will be looking forward to other of your work.

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Memohuntress Memohuntress

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler to many reviewers/fans.

Where to start off....
A magnificent presentation, sir. Even the beginning showed its detail, to that point where i was left off speechless. No mere words can explain nor criticize this wonderful game. At first, I thought the whole ideal was how an ordinary life in a family is.... Or is it? When she leaves her house on her own, we see that there`s another point to this than just that. Being resourceful and that life is hard. Hard to fight with, but always rewardable.

Now, about the game. I can see its a point and click type, and you need to gather a certain amount of objects to pass the other. First off, i must admit this had been highly impressively executed, to trick your intelectual potential. The Objects that you need to find are hidden in details that you`d never GUESS they are there, but just find that as ordinary expression of detail, such as the parallax feature. Having no hints at all makes it harder, other than the fact what you NEED to do, or find. And that`s what i mostly enjoy, a challenge. To have your mind thinking and reasoning..

Overall, the music makes things neither sad or happy, but neutral and mystic, if having to see at that perspective. A clever trickery of abusing both detail and notes, if i may say so.

Again, i must admit this is one of the rarest 2D Games i`ve ever enjoyed, and that`s why i give it a 5/5 and 5 stars. Also, i recommend this game to everyone, everyone that you want to satisfy with your hard work, depriving yourself from real life activities to provide us with such astounding programming, something i appreciate a human for. Sacrificing his own needs to create something better for the whole humanity indeed. This game literally sharpens your mind into thinking, unlike some games..

This fully deserves the Favorite Button, and i warn everyone: THINK before you speak, as that will cost you dearly.

I`ll keep an eye on you. Shadowwalker15.

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