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vegeta kills Hulk vegeta kills Hulk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. (As if the title didn`t ruin it for you enough lol)

Bravo sir, you managed to get a sweet, long laughter out of me. I am not being nuts, this is a true masterpiece, if you were heading for comedy or a parody.

Although the poor execution, this animation has the potential to winning an oscar, a Nobel piece prize offering for what you did, or at least a good damn praise how you`ve actually done better than the lame comedy movies and series people try to think up of so hard. Hollywood, i present you with the perfect portfolio for your future development. You suck.

Perhaps its the lame animation that brought up so much comedy into this. I must say i were very pleased to taking my time to watch this, and I am looking forward to your daily first.

I am not sarcastic, ironic or insane. I am serious about this. This has made me laugh SO HARD. The awful lip sync when Vegeta says Final Flash, and the horrible voice acting, and the way you made Vegeta fight Hulk.... Damn. I literally fell of my chair. My head still hurts ow. XD 10/10!

Beyond Heroics ep: Prolog Beyond Heroics ep: Prolog

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. Read at your own risk.

It has been a real while since i`ve reviewed anything at all. Making animations to provide the internet`s devoted spectators with something innovative and refreshing can be very distracting, (and exhausting). One day i just may be able to review the medal game collection. Don`t Worry NewGrounds, i`m keeping track of you. But enough about that.

You sir, have once again created a stupendous and marvelous piece of achievement. Compared to 2012`s generation level, the animation skill is mediocre, and that`s why i love it. In fact, its mediocrity that should take the lead in this world, am i wrong?... The fights are fluidly executed along with a breath-taking coreography. A unique style which will get you wondering what will happen, being forced not to even BLINK to not miss whats going on. So i give a 7/10. The fact that you mentioned its rushed up... I can`t see that. But i CAN see you still have a habit of using Lame fonts. Fix the font thing, use text-boxes or something, actionscripting (except if you want cinematics WITH text at the same time). But yea, a seven outta ten is a decent score i hope. The Characters` are executed as well as the background. The effect coreography is really astounding and i am only SPEECHLESS about how much of a dramatic sequence you added up to this fight. I literally punched the air when I saw Sasuke fall onto the ground. You have DEVASTATINGLY improved. Kudos to you, and your hard work. :D

The storyline execution. So far i`m loving it. I`m ENTIRELY loving the fact that you managed to include originally constructed characters, moreso that they are resembling old anime franchises. AND that you`ve so far managed to balance and sort the characters out in an entire crossover series is making this even more essential for all of us. I`ll give you pure 10/10 for this.

One last thing. I`ll give you extra credit that you are heavily using Dragon Ball Z soundeffects but i didn`t get a feel NOR a slight pinch that this is Dragon Ball Z influenced in ANY way. Kudos for that bro, and i`m willing to see more from you.

Keep up the great work, and may this be a perfect example and inspirational piece of achievement for all the newcomer and fresh sprite animators out there, working hard to do the same thing you did. Entertain me.

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narutosMASTA responds:

lolz, I slammed a kamehameha wave in there and it still didn't come off as DBZish? awesome. Did something right. yeah i thought i might get a complaint about tht one "oh why does he have a kamehameha" cuz its in my storyline. Eat it. Ill work on those txt box things i have been getting a little rough when it came to that. So ill work on tht specifically. I do have one idea in mind... Thank you sir for the thorough review.

HappyBirthday Yotam Perel HappyBirthday Yotam Perel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler.

Well, its been a while since i`ve reviewed but this content had intrigued my attention especially.

First off, id like to start off by the fact that its nice to take your time to create a small tribute for the ones you respect and truly cherish for what they did for us. However this had been the strangest coincidence, i swear. Hence why it got me off guard. I too am an animator, and whats more im also born on that very day, the 13th of June. Lmfao. So i thought: Hey someone made me a tri- oh nvm.

But either way, i love it, simple yet its spreading a lovely message. Except i noticed a small thing. When the dude, which was meant to be you, looks like its pointing his middle finger instead of a thumb up. You should fix that so others don`t think you are trolling or messing around. (Or was that the purpose lol).

Basically that`s it from me. I hope many other spectators enjoy this little project as much as i did.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a great game! I love the Axiom Verge reference. :)

gamesbynoe responds:

Thank you Exorz ) In plans i'm gonna release full version of axiom-like game.

Zombidle Zombidle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is pretty awesome! Had me entertained for weeks on end! But I have a question regarding the latest update: where can we see a forge chart of what items we can combine to get some neat combo items?

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Alone: Meditate Existence Alone: Meditate Existence

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may result as a spoiler to you.

Dear PoshRaven,

After I played your game, my entire opinion on it is that, idea wise, this is by far one of the best works i have ever encountered during my lifetime. To me, this game has a personally abstract viewpoint on life itself. Sure, it may not make sense to a lot of people but that is the essence and beauty of art, the mysterious truth behind the dilemma, behind the twisted ordeals that the creator will yet to include.

Personally, I interpreted this idea as a majorly interesting due to the fact that, as life itself, this game is confusing, but not confusing as in, plain childishly random, but confusing as in unraveled. The way this character jumps up and down, and fails every few tries or so, makes me think of how life itself works the same way, we all try and fail but still we try to achieve what we want.

That was all just idea wise. In total, i give it 3/5 just for that. The idea is magnificently put down. Alas, it is a shame i cannot rate it 5/5. since the idea is perfect in my eyes.

However, as many people mentioned below, your game programming really needed to be sorted out. The least you should have done is put up a warning for the noisy and flashy work you included later on in this game. The controls are very difficult to manipulate with. Some of the things even seem as weirdly expressed due to the lack of detail in the coding.

If you can manage to sort that out then you have a perfect eerie game, one where the message depends on our minds to decipher.

Take care and please do not take this as an offense to your work. In all due respect, I have never seen something more creative, but coding wise this is a big no from me.

Good luck on your future projects.

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ECHO - Eye of the Dragon ECHO - Eye of the Dragon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This may be a spoiler to other reviewers/fans/readers to this work.

Where to begin..... No words can describe the beauty of this work, this has been yet the most astounding piece of audio-work that you`ve ever done. Not even if i wrote up the whole world.

There are just situations when words cannot explain things, and this is one of them. This soundtrack is truly a masterpiece, i shed a tear from enjoyment. At first, it`s a peaceful harmonic symphony that fades in as showing a peaceful atmosphere. Afterwards as it goes, i was thinking this is a Funeral Song, there was a slight moment that had been fitting that. And then afterwards, the drums make it sound like its a tribe war song. Afterwards, it has this strange feeling, that everything will be alright eventually. Every point of what song has to offer and express has been thorough greatly executed.

I am not much into audio making, rather than i make animations so i don`t really understand the process to making such advanced soundtracks, so i`ll leave that Constructive Criticism Type behind. For now.

But once again, like you had been anticipating, this IS the greatest soundtrack among all your work. This rather sounded like an original, an OST from actual 3D Movies, to a rather enviromental storyboard to it. Majestic piece of work that definetly needs a Frontpage and as many viewers to be stunned as possible.

You sir, are on the right track. It surely has my Favorite-Button clicked, and so will i Favorite You to keep an eye out for your other work as well. Keep up the great work, i mean it. I fully support you till the very end.

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Echo responds:

Thank you for the supportive words. I put my all into this, so I'm happy to see it's turned out great and is getting a good reception. I appreciate that you still took your time to review even if you're not into Audio Making.

Thanks a heap :)

Erik Scerri
- Echo Productions

Stephen4705-Long way from home Stephen4705-Long way from home

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The composition reminds me of somthing...

Its very familiar from somewhere... Still epic work dude keep making more!

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STEPHEN4705 responds:

Not too sure, but I was inspired to attempt to make a guru josh- infinity style bass, and added effects to it.

Thanks again for the reviews!

Ste :)

Stephen4705-Human experiments Stephen4705-Human experiments

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool dude

Really cool, no doubt about it!

STEPHEN4705 responds:

Glad that you enjoyed this track,so far this my only track that hasn't been zero-bombed.. but how long until it does now I've said that?

Thanks again mate!

Ste :)

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Advanced Acidrion Advanced Acidrion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice, Very nice indeed.

Well, I gotta tell ya, this is really well made, 10/10.
And this makes me happy, others interested in making fan art of my characters like the NG characters of VGs and animes.

beastkid7 responds:

yr'welcome. Im glad you like!

johnnyutahs steve johnnyutahs steve

Rated 5 / 5 stars


No more babies, no more sexual pleasure...
I gotta admit, that`s torcher alright, nice one dude!

jouste responds:


glad i made you laugh, just passing on the laughs mr. johnnyutah sent my way!


Mushroom army Mushroom army

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank you for visiting...

So its my turn to return the favor, and I must say this is cool :)
Well done, sir!